A bunch of $5 ML 1sts

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Thu Nov 15 20:10:16 EST 2001

Hi ModLib,

Given the previous comments here on rather pricey MLs on
eBay (a 1st ed of Tchekov's 'Stories' is up over $150 as I
type) it is inspiring when one finds scarce MLs for a
few bucks (cheap ML's are my favorite).

In the last couple of weeks I found these four ML 1sts, each
with at least a good DJ:

Traven's "Treasure of the Sierra Madre."  A nice ML 1st with
a decent (altho price-clipped) DJ.  This is the second copy
of this title that I have got on eBay for 5$.  I am not sure
why this happens, but once in awhile a scarce ML slips by
unnoticed on eBay.  I felt bad only paying $5 for it.  Not
too bad, though. As noted previously, this is a good read if
you are into blood and violence.

Steinbeck's "In Dubious Battle."  An ok ML 1st in DJ which I
found at a local bookstore.  This was the only of the four
1939 blank-endpapered MLs I didn't have.  Unfortunately, the
previous owner taped a plastic cover to the DJ.
Fortunately, after careful surgery, the only damage to the
DJ seems to its back, and a few tape goo marks on the
book itself.  Still, for $5.  This is apparently he only ML
Kamins has ever read (and he liked it).

Morley's "Human Being."  A pretty good ML 1st in DJ with
some old watermarks on the book itself (but not on the DJ
for some reason).  In my several years of watching eBay and
WWW used book sites I have never seen a copy of this ML
title in DJ (this one was found on ABE...and described as
much worse condition that it actually is).  Where did all
the copies of this go?  This one was another $5 find. I just
read this one and it was a fun book.  I do recall reading
'Parnassus on Wheels' and enjoyed that one also.  Not quite
of classic status (which is probably why "Human Being" seems
to have been a ML failure) but a good read.  If you are
into the book trade (ca. 1930s), desk accessories, etc. this
one is worth a read (if you can find one).  I recall that Morley
had a stroke around the time this one was discontinued by
ML...hope that didn't set off the stroke.

Finally: the best find was also $5: a flex copy of Komroff's
"Oriental Romances" - a 1stMLed, with a good+ DJ.  Komroff
seems to have been a Boni editor who must have later done
work for ML. This one had a Canadian National
Railways/Canadian Rockies book mark in it, so it probably
went on a trip across Canada at some point in the past.  I
found this one along way from Columbus (where I live),
but it has an old bookstore sticker in the back from Columbus.
Go figure.  I am assuming that this title was not a great ML
success, as it was available from 1930-35 only...another
victim of the Depression.

hope I find more of these $5 MLs!

john k.

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