Warning for New Collectors: Beware of 1st Edition Claims

Benjamin Hish,Bookseller oopbooks at infi.net
Fri Nov 9 15:47:08 EST 2001

Well,said ...
                                                                 Ben Hish
P.s. ~
      Henry,I am very sorry I spelt your name wrong.
  That's Henry Toledano author "The Modern Price Guide" --The only source I
know of for ML 1sts.
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> >There is no other published source of gathered information.
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> >Scot Kamins
> There is, of course, the wrongfully maligned ANDES GUIDE.
> The Andes guide may have its flaws, but at least Andes got it published.
> In both the book and film of the same title, THE PAPER CHASE by Osborn,
> best laugh comes at the end when Mr. Bell's "outline" for Real Property,
> which has expanded to extraordinary length, is caught by the wind and
> scattered to the four corners of the earth. It is an amusing bit of irony
> which Bell, whose monumental, all-consuming work (in his own eyes)
> all of the other student's outlines to be far inferior to his masterpiece,
> his tour de force, only to see the "inferior" works fulfill their intended
> purpose while his crowning glory came to a crashing and humiliating end.
> I commend this work to any Modern Library people out there who are so full
> themselves that they have lost all sense of reason and proportion. People
> may have enjoyed denigrating the work of others only to have come to
> that they themselves have become a joke within their very own
> communities..People who are naught but abject failures in life but who
> seek self-agrandizement by disparaging the work of others. Others who may
> have been less gifted but who experienced the triumph of the spirit by
> getting the job done.
> All best,
> sam (who may deign, one day, to share some previously unrecorded but
> important "first ML points" with the hoi polloi, the rabble, who think
> are Modern Library afficienados.

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