Warning for New Collectors: Beware of 1st Edition Claims

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> Let me give you the full title--
> A Descriptive Bibliography of The Modern Library :1917-1970
> George M. Andes
> Boston Book Annex 1989

Library of Congress call: Z 473 .M79 A54 1989 (for the call number
collectors in the audience).

I have a copy of Andes in front of me.  It says that it is a limited
of 500 copies, which is probably why it is difficult to come by.  I got
the copy thru our library (inter-library loan) which is probably the
easiest and cheapest way to get a copy.

There is certainly much overlap with Henry's Guide, and as Henry
cites Andes, I am sure he built his Guide in part on Andes.

Andes has more detailed bibliographic descriptions of each 1st state
ML than Henry's Guide, but Andes does lack any information about
DJs.  There are interesting tidbits about particular titles in Andes
helped me interpret some of the cryptic comments in the 'comments'
column in Henry's Guide.  There are also discussions of variants not
noted in Henry's Guide.  It is worth a look-see if you can borrow
a copy.

Interestingly, it seems like there were only a few ML title that Andes
didn't have himself, or have access to from other collectors.  He notes
where he found copies of these titles.

The title I noticed was Maupassant's "Un Vie and Bel Ami" (found at
Bucknell University).  I checked the Library of Congress, and I
couldn't find a copy of this title (strange, as I thought they were
to have copies of all books published in the US -- they do have a copy
of the earlier "Un Vie.").  Henry's Guide has no info on its DJ type,
and the wrong number of ML titles on the 1st DJ, so I am assuming he
didn't have one sitting around either.  I also have never  seen a copy
(w/ or wo/ dj) on any of the internet used book sites.  Andes notes
that this title had new plates (it was not just "Un Vie" with a second
novel tacked on to the end).

I found a FMLED copy of this title with a DJ about a year back (for a
whopping $6).  It does have the small red remander star (I think  that
is what it is) in the back.  I am assuming this was not a particularly
popular title.  This title is not valued terribly high in Toledano
(it is listed as an L).

Is "Un Vie/Bel Ami" a tougher than average 1930s title to find in
a DJ?  Should I put it in the vault?


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