Warning for New Collectors: Beware of 1st Edition Claims

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In a recent e-mail, SGottlieb at aol.com said (in part):

>In a message dated 11/9/2001 9:15:20 AM, kamins at dogeared.com writes:
>>There is no other published source of gathered information. 
>There is, of course, the wrongfully maligned ANDES GUIDE. 

Oh, you're right. I forgot about ANDES. My apologies for that one. You an 
still find copies of that for sale from time to time on ABE. Henry 
recently had a copy available:

George Andes, "a Descriptive Bibliography of the Modern Library" 1989, 
privately printed by (I believe) Boston Book Company. 

For folks who don't know about this one, it was extremely important in 
that it was the first published extensuve source of compiled information 
about the Modern Library. Much of the info was incomplete and inaccurate, 
but it was in my opinion a noble effort.

>sam (who may deign, one day, to share some previously unrecorded but 
>important "first ML points" with the hoi polloi, the rabble, who think they 
>are Modern Library afficienados.  

We are unworthy. 

But I for one, am more than happy to build a temple to anybody who will 
help me with my addiction.  :-D

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