Warning for New Collectors: Beware of 1st Edition Claims

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>There is no other published source of gathered information. 
>Scot Kamins

There is, of course, the wrongfully maligned ANDES GUIDE. 
The Andes guide may have its flaws, but at least Andes got it published.

In both the book and film of the same title, THE PAPER CHASE by Osborn, the 
best laugh comes at the end when Mr. Bell's "outline" for Real Property, 
which has expanded to extraordinary length, is caught by the wind and 
scattered to the four corners of the earth. It is an amusing bit of irony in 
which Bell, whose monumental, all-consuming work (in his own eyes) considered 
all of the other student's outlines to be far inferior to his masterpiece, 
his tour de force, only to see the "inferior" works fulfill their intended 
purpose while his crowning glory came to a crashing and humiliating end.

I commend this work to any Modern Library people out there who are so full of 
themselves that they have lost all sense of reason and proportion. People who 
may have enjoyed denigrating the work of others only to have come to realize 
that they themselves have become a joke within their very own 
communities..People who are naught but abject failures in life but who still 
seek self-agrandizement by disparaging the work of others. Others who may 
have been less gifted but who experienced the triumph of the spirit by 
getting the job done.

All best,
sam (who may deign, one day, to share some previously unrecorded but 
important "first ML points" with the hoi polloi, the rabble, who think they 
are Modern Library afficienados.  

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