Warning for New Collectors: Beware of 1st Edition Claims

Gordon Neavill aa3401 at wayne.edu
Thu Nov 8 10:43:15 EST 2001

And quite a few printings with "First ML Edition" statements on the verso of
the title page aren't!

Barry Neavill

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> New collectors,
> As of late I have noticed an apparent increase in the number of ML copies
> advertised as Firsts on eBay. But in fact many books on eBay listed as
> first modern library editions are later editions.
> Sometimes this is because the lister makes assumptions about how to tell
> if a book is a first edition, sometimes it's because the lister has made
> an honest mistake, and sometimes the lister is simply a scoundrel.
> Here are some ways to protect yourself, both on eBay and in general:
> ? Check the listed first edition points against the Toledano Guide.
> ? If the points aren't listed, ask the seller for information - DO NOT
> ? Ask here - that's one of the reasons this group exists!
> ? Buy from a reputable dealer. I guarantee the integrity of the following
> dealer-members of this listServ, all of whom from time to time or
> regularly list books on eBay. If they make a mistake and sell you a book
> that turns out NOT to be an advertised first edition, they'll make it
> good:
>      Sharon Biederman (sbiederm at nova.umuc.edu)
>      Amy Comeau
>      Sam Gottlieb
>      Joe Hill (goodbooks at webtv.net)
>      Henry Toledano
> Scot Kamins
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