Reading your ML's

Sun Nov 4 22:01:20 EST 2001

"The non-reading of books (is the) charecteristic of collectors....Experts 
will bear me out when I say it is the oldest thing in the world."

Walter Benjamin, cited in "The Reader's Quotation Book" ed. Gilbar

   I think that view may be a bit of an exaggeration. But I rarely read the 
actual copies of books I collect. I've read Vincent Starrett's (author of 
"The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes" among others) books, but not the copies 
sitting on my shelf.
   I think though, that one of the reasons ML survives is because it does 
publish a large number of those books that most people agree are worth 
reading for knowledge, personal growth, etc.
   But darn those e-Bay auction prices!!!! If ML's sold at the time they were 
issued for such a premium, no one would have bought them.

Matthew Bieniek
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