What's a complete 1970 set worth?

Scot Kamins kamins at dogeared.com
Thu Nov 1 15:01:11 EST 2001

Hi Folks,

Got an interesting piece of mail from a Dogeared user this morning. He 
asked (in part):

>What would a complete set of Modern Library from early 70s be worth?  I have 
>a chance to get a hold of one from a former contestant of the Price is Right 
>- the full set was one of her prizes.  She's kept them in boxes since then.

I replied thusly:

"Depends. If they're the numbered set and included all giants and all 
regular issues, all in pristine dust jackets, they'd be worth as much as 
$15/volume on the average. It wouldn't be worth more because there 
wouldn't be more than six or seven firsts in it. So the total maximum 
value, assuming you auctioned them off at eBay and they all sold, would 
be 396 regulars + 102 giants = 498 volumes * 15/volume = about $7,500."

"If you tried to sell them to a dealer, you'd get 1/3 that top dollar. If 
you sold them to a ML specialist, you'd get about 40%, again top dollar."

"This is just my opinion."

So: What do you folks think?

Scot Kamins
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