Tom Jones 1st in a #6 Binding

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Sat Mar 31 18:16:50 EST 2001


Amy Comeau reports a 185.1, Tom Jones by Fielding, in a First ML Edition 
with a type 6 binding, an earlier binding than the type 7 that The Guide 
lists (P.42, 14 up, under Spn). 

She writes "The DJ accompanying the book, however, has 190 Titles on the 
back, instead of the correct 185 -- go figure."

185 titles corresponds to late 1930 or early 1931 with 190 titles 
squarely into 1931. Type 6 bindings were in use through 1930, and 1931 
marked the introductory years for type 7.

SO: Anybody got a type 7 that's a stated first?

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