Modlib Novice

Barbara Socor bjs at
Thu Mar 29 21:57:51 EST 2001


    I too am a relatively new ML collector. In fact, I am a brand new,
rank novice! I was also pestering Scot, and a few other good natured
folks, with questions, so I am not at all sure what I can contribute to
the answer part of this, but I do have questions.
    I came to my interest in ML via my interest in collecting Philip
Roth. Since I couldn't consider a "true" first of Goodbye Columbus I
thought the ML edition would be a nice "substitute." Little did I know
what I had walked into! As I began to pick up a few bits of information
I became interested, even a bit fascinated with DJ variations -
something which is -it seems- a major issue around the time of Goodbye
    So: I am wondering about why the torchbearer sextangle appears in so
many places (inside front flap, rear upper right, center, left of
center) on the Columbus DJ. Was this by design (no pun intended...) or
simply random (again, no pun...) placement? Does anyone know the origin
and evolution of the torchbearer?
    I am glad to be a part of this and look forward to learning about
this very exciting collecting area.

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