DJ Project: A through C are up -- Where are your DJ's?

Benjamin Hish,Bookseller oopbooks at
Thu Jun 28 17:01:45 EDT 2001

Dear Scott
      My nme is Mandy, Bens daughter. We have a copy of The Arabian Nights
By Richard Burton. The cover is blue with gold writting and a map like scene
on the front. The only year I could find was 1932 located on opposite of
title page. 376 books listed on inner dj. We also havea copy of Adventures
and memories of sherlock holmes  by A.C. Doyle unsure of year but seems
older than the one you display If you are interested my father will upload
the images for you later this evening.let us know.Thanks.
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> Folks,
> The dust jackets for A and C authors have been posted, including all
> illustrateds and paperbacks that I have.
> Please check it out. As usual, you need to click the icon to the right of
> "Collecting the Modern Library" on the dogeared home page
> [] to see the stuff.
> I must admit that I've been disappointed by the low participation from
> the group in terms of getting DJ's. A few have been contributing
> regularly, and I am most grateful. But without mentioning names, I have
> to say that THE GIRLS ARE WINNING!!!!
> PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE check out what's there and compare the images to
> what you have, and submit what's missing.
> Remember:
> 1. For flexi's and hardbacks, include an indication of the dust jacket's
> year of printing such as the "Titles in current catalog" number, or state
> that it's from a verified First.
> 2. For illustrated editions, send an image of the graphic on the box or
> of the acetate on the book.
> 3. Do NOT send images of types DJ 1 through DJ 4 (Toledano Gude pages
> 177-178).
> 4. Image should be at least 150 DPI, JPEG format.
> Thanks in advance,
>      `\|||/                     Scot Kamins
>       (@@)
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