A Big Fish That Got Away

Carporter4sons at aol.com Carporter4sons at aol.com
Tue Jun 26 09:16:21 EDT 2001

Dear Scot,

I know you probably won't get this in time...

But I am going to Savannah, Ga. for a few days and wondered if you know of 
any way other than the phone book to find used or rare book stores. (That I 
can get by today ha ha)
I have been reading all this modlib mail this morning and am so into this now 
I can't believe it. I am so happy to have found others that do this. I can't 
wait to go look for more.

I also can't wait to get H.Toledano's guide. I am ordering it next.

Thanks for all you do (I must go pack.)
Carol Porter

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