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In a recent e-mail, Brad.C.Gilbert at FgdNel.com said (in part):

>Thanks...  One question though.  How do you define "modern library
>editions?"  Is it based on date?

As we define it here (and the only topic discussed in this listServ), The 
Modern Library is a specific series of books published first by Boni & 
Liveright 1917-1925 (or 26), thence by The Modern Library Company to 
about 1932 (or so), thence by Random House to the early 70's, again 
1980-1985 (or so), and again from 1990 to the present. They are largely 
reprints. We are poor collectors here, but we are big-hearted and mean no 

For far more information on this series than any right-thinking human 
could want, visit

You are thinking of terms such as modern first editions, or even 

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