Faulkner's Marble Faun

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Thanks...  One question though.  How do you define "modern library
editions?"  Is it based on date?

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In a recent e-mail, Brad.C.Gilbert at FgdNel.com said (in part):

>No... it is Faukner's Marble Faun 1924.  His first book.  I think only a
>few hundred copies exist.  Maybe less than that.  I know that one sold at
>auction in 1976 for $1700 (from a newspaper clipping).

OK. At any rate, you're in the wrong place. You've joined a ListServ that
deals ONLY with Modern Library editions -- which this clearly is not.

Perhaps you could post your inquiry to the newsgroup rec.collecting.books
where a host of experts in all categories of book collecting can help you.

Good luck,

Scot Kamins

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