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In a recent e-mail, GOODBOOKS at webtv.net said (in part):

>Can we then just agree that it is a matter of semantics?
>The three volume Shakespeare is theTRUE First Edition.
>The two volume Gibbion is the TRUE First Edition.

For newbies: All this is within the overcall context of ML being largely 
a reprint house. With certain obvious exceptions (such as the ML 
paperback true first of Styron's Long March), there are practically no 
real first editions of anything in ML.

This, of course, is why collecting ML's is such an accessible hobby. For 
less than $100 you can get an ML first of Pynchon's V in NF/NF condition; 
a TRUE first of the same title (J.B. Lippincott, 1963, 8vo., 492pp. fully 
bound in violet, etc.) in not nearly as good condition will cost you that 
plus an additional $1,000. 

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