How scarce is The Alice anyway

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I think you're right about Bibles--people just don't seem to part with them.
The only copy of the second printing I've ever seen is in Special
Collections at the University of California, Los Angeles.  One of the
highlights of my ML collecting was the day I found TWO copies of the first
printing at John Zubal's bookstore in Cleveland.  Both were in slipcases,
though one copy turned out to be defective (it was missing a gathering).  I
don't expect to repeat that experience anytime soon.


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> Barry,
> Thanks for posting your wonderfully detailed article. It sheds a lot of
> light on a topic many of us have been wondering about.
> >The Illustrated Alice is far and away the scarcest ML title.  I can't
> >think of any other ML title sent out into the world in so few copies.  In
> >comparison, the Illustrated Holy Bible had a first printing of 18,000
> >copies and a second printing of 6,000 copies.
> I find it fascinating that, while six Alices in at least two binding
> styles have appeared in the last 18 months, only one illustrated bible
> (to my memory) has appeared. I guess people don't part with them.
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