How scarce is The Alice, anyway?

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Sat Jun 23 13:26:21 EDT 2001

I used to collect Egyptian stamps and there was one with a special surcharge 
which was catalogued at over 100 pounds. (This was some 25 years ago). Then, 
my dealer, a specialist in Egyptian stamps, (and in the habit of going to 
Egypt every few years) discovered a whole drawer of of these surcharged 
stamps. What did he do? He gave many away to his good customers. He told 
other dealers the story and gradually let them out on the market at five 
pounds each. I am waiting for my drawer full of Alices!

I should say here that I did not like the tone of Anthony's email, reference 
Scott. I have always found him to be courteous, helpful and knowledgeable on 
Maybe, I have not read enough of the modlib emails. I confess I don't read 
them all. 

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