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> >I just purchased a beautiful Three Volume ML (Giant) set of "The Decline 
> and 
> >Fall of the Roman Empire"....I am new to collecting ML's  ...is it 
> possible 
> >that it is a first ML edition? 
> No. The first edition of ML's Decline and Fall came in a two-volume set 
> published in 1932 (according to the toledano Guide, about which more 
> later). It was reissued in three volumes in 1945. Fanatic collectors 
> (such as myself) MUST have both sets in our collections or we can't sleep 
> well. 
Thanks so much Scott.  The good news is that I also own the two volume set 
but not the 1st because it says "Introduction copyright 1937" ....but I'll 
keep looking and I'll for sure buy the "Price Guide you recommend...

Looking forward to keeping out of trouble with my new hobby...I remain:

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