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Hi Jonathan,

Welcome to the hobby. 

>I just purchased a beautiful Three Volume ML (Giant) set of "The Decline and 
>Fall of the Roman Empire"....I am new to collecting ML's  ...is it possible 
>that it is a first ML edition? 

No. The first edition of ML's Decline and Fall came in a two-volume set 
published in 1932 (according to the toledano Guide, about which more 
later). It was reissued in three volumes in 1945. Fanatic collectors 
(such as myself) MUST have both sets in our collections or we can't sleep 
>What do I look for to find out?

Judging an ML first can be nightmarish (getting back to sleeping well - 
or not). It often involves studying the binding of the book, the 
information on the copyright page, and even the style and catalog info on 
the suat jacket. There are several articles on dogeared.com talking about 

A book you MUST have in order to pursue 1st edition ML collecting is 
Henry Toledano's Modern Library Price Guide. It's reviewed at 
http://www.dogeared.com/priceguide.html, where you'll find how to direct 
from the author.

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