DJ Project: 100 megabytes of Internet space obtained!!!

Scot Kamins kamins at
Thu Jun 21 18:49:09 EDT 2001


(1) Thanks to the machinations of our own John Krygier, the host of this 
mailing list, Dogeared now has 100 MB worth of space on a server at Ohio 
Wesleyan University to hold dust jacket images. 

Coupled with the space we already have on servers in Vancouver Washington 
and Phoenix AZ, we now have more than enough room for all the images we 
can gather. 

Many thanks to John -- this is really a big weight off my shoulders!

(2) "E" images are up, and we have a new interface that makes it easier 
to deal with this - uh - distributed database. Let me know how you like 

(3) Special thanks to Amy Comeau for her constant supply of images, and 
to Henry Toledano for sending me images from the guide's color 

(4) Remember to send in stuff that you have that I don't for letters A 
though E (all of which are now posted).  This is a group project, and we 
won't be successful unless we all cooperate.

Scot "Keeper of the Images" Kamins

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