Dj project: A through D now up

Scot Kamins kamins at
Sun Jun 17 15:50:56 EDT 2001


I just put up the "D" authors. So we now have dust jackets for a total of 
100 ML authors (A through D) in the categories of flexis, hardbacks, 
giants, illustrateds, and P-series paperbacks, years 1928 through 1970.

Once again, the goal is to have a complete catalog of all post Dj-4 dust 
jackets for all authors. Please check to see what you have that I do not. 

Also note the ones where I indicate a year followed by a bracketed 
questionmark [?]. This means that the year is a guess because the person 
who sent it to me or the image I stole from the Internet wasn't dated. If 
you know the date of one of these questionamrked images, please let me 

Some of the entries are fairly complete [Dostoyevsky], and some are 
obviously incomplete [de Maupassant].

While we're on de Maupassant, my alphabetizing is quirky. Notice that all 
the "D"s are together - that is, Du Maurier and de Maupassant and de 
Bauvoir and Da Vinci are all here. Also under "D" is Dante 
Alighieri because everybody knows Dante but many people don't know 
Alighieri. When I have time, I'll be double-listing these people: Dante 
Alighieri will also be listed under "A", Du Maurier will also be under 
"M", and so on.

Please report misspellings and typos -- I know there must be some, but 
this stuff always needs a second set of eyes.

As usual, click the torchbearer to the right of "Collecting the Modern 
Library" to see this stuff. Later today I'll be going public with this 
database, but the clickable colophon will remain.

Have fun,

     `\|||/                     Scot Kamins

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