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In a recent e-mail, tborn at said (in part):

>Mr. Kamins,
>Do you know when the most recent ML series (in the greenish dust
>jackets) began?  Is there a way to find out what titles in this series
>have been issued to date and what titles are planned for the future?  I
>have been first editions of prominent southern authors of the late 19th
>and 20th century for some time now, but after reading your article at
> I thought I might branch out into ML editions (the hobby
>keeps growing).  I'm not sure what aspect of ML collecting I might
>pursue just yet, but I bought a couple of recent volumes for my daughter
>and they look nice on the shelf.  Thanks for any information you can
>give me.
>Thomas Born

I have forwarded your request for info to a group of folks who can best 

Group, can anyone help him out? Please e-mail him directly at:

tborn at

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