1928/29 Pictorial DJs

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dbapaper at ix.netcom.com wrote:

> I have a First Edition of The Memoirs of Casanova with a Toledano Type 5 DJ

> the Spring 1929 list on the reverse side and "159 books" on the rear panel.

> I reported this DJ to Scott a few weeks ago because it seemed to push back the correct first issue number for the DJ, which is listed in the guide as 169.

Out of curiosity, is this a situation where the transitional
pictorial DJ is earlier than the regular pictorial DJ, or are
there 1st eds. of Casanova in the 'regular' pictorial DJ
with 159 titles on the DJ?

Also - I don't see Casanova listed as part of any of the
Gift box sets (Modern Library Collector #41)

Finally - it would be great to see any of the three DJs
from the "Three Great Modern Novels" box set in
Scot's compilation of ML djs color on dogeared.com.
Toledano reproduces Hardy's "Return of the Native"
in the Guide (p. 180 - a 'problem' dj) and Neavill
reproduces Hardy and Butler (MLC #41) - but all in
b/w.  These DJs have to be some of the funkiest ML
djs ever.

John K.

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