DJ Project: A through C are up -- Where are your DJ's?

Gordon Neavill aa3401 at
Mon Jun 11 11:13:30 EDT 2001


I'm planning to get a new computer sometime this summer and will get a
scanner then.  As soon as I have a scanner I'll start sending jackets that
aren't yet included.  Wish I had one now!


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> Folks,
> The dust jackets for A and C authors have been posted, including all
> illustrateds and paperbacks that I have.
> Please check it out. As usual, you need to click the icon to the right of
> "Collecting the Modern Library" on the dogeared home page
> [] to see the stuff.
> I must admit that I've been disappointed by the low participation from
> the group in terms of getting DJ's. A few have been contributing
> regularly, and I am most grateful. But without mentioning names, I have
> to say that THE GIRLS ARE WINNING!!!!
> PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE check out what's there and compare the images to
> what you have, and submit what's missing.
> Remember:
> 1. For flexi's and hardbacks, include an indication of the dust jacket's
> year of printing such as the "Titles in current catalog" number, or state
> that it's from a verified First.
> 2. For illustrated editions, send an image of the graphic on the box or
> of the acetate on the book.
> 3. Do NOT send images of types DJ 1 through DJ 4 (Toledano Gude pages
> 177-178).
> 4. Image should be at least 150 DPI, JPEG format.
> Thanks in advance,
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