1928/29 Pictorial DJs

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John's pictorial jacket for Wilder's THE CABALA is a real find and
demonstrates the value of  Scot's work in putting images of ML jackets on
the website.  The later pictorial jackets I've seen for THE CABALA are
different from John's spring 1929 jacket.  The title and the illustration by
"N.B." are the same, but the later jackets are Henry's Dj 6 style with the
author between two colored bands at the top and "THE MODERN LIBRARY" between
two colored bands at the bottom.  The later pictorial jackets for THE CABALA
don't mention the introduction by Herbert Gorman on the front panel of the

What's going on here?  When the ML published Merejkowski's ROMANCE OF
LEONARDO DA VINCI  in 1928, it was made available in a uniform typographic
jacket for display with the series as a whole and also in an optional
pictorial jacket for booksellers who wanted to display the book on tables
apart from the rest of the ML.  Guerney's translation was commissioned by
the ML, the book had a huge potential sale, and the ML encouraged
booksellers to promote it and display it prominently.  The pictorial jacket
helped the book reach a large market, and Cerf told booksellers that they
would have the option of ordering other selected forthcoming titles in
pictorial jackets.  I was never sure how many 1928/29 titles were actually
available in pictorial jackets.  I was frankly skeptical that many of them
were.  Now we have living proof that THE CABALA was available in spring 1929
in a pictorial jacket as well as a typographic jacket.  I doubt that all new
titles at this period were available in pictorial jackets, but there must
have been a number that were.  The pictorial jackets with double bands that
later became common in the balloon cloth period had not yet been introduced,
and the optional pictorial jackets were similar in appearance to the
pictorial jackets used in the 1928 gift box, THREE GREAT RENAISSANCE

Does anybody else have early pictorial jackets without the double bands
characteristic of Henry's Dj 6 style--especially for titles not sold as part
of a gift box?   They're not common, but they must exist for more titles
than I, at least, know about!


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> Hi ModLib folks,
> Gordon Neavill wrote:
> > The pictorial jacket for Wilder's THE CABALA is a really nice one.  The
> > edition of this book was published in May 1929 in a uniform typographic
> > jacket with a spring 1929 list (includes Dostoyevsky, Brothers Karamazov
> > not Chaucer, Canterbury Tales).  The earliest of the "NB" pictorial
> > I've seen dates from fall 1931 (list of titles includes Balzac, Droll
> > Stories but not Dreiser, Sister Carrie).  It's possible the pictorial
> > was introduced earlier or even simultaneously with the typographic
> > Let me know
> > the date of the list inside the pictorial jacket; if its earlier than
> > 1931 I'll revise my bibliography entry .  I'm envious--I don't have THE
> > CABALA in either jacket!
> The DJ list includes Dostoyevsky, Brothers K. but not Chaucer, so
> it must be a Spring 1929.  I guess this means that this title was 1st
> issued with both typographical and pictorial jackets.  I am wondering
> if this was some kind of experiment by ML to see if the pic. jackets
> would aid sales?  Curious if any other ML titles had two different 1st
> DJs?  Also wondering about the scarcity of this pictorial 1st DJ vs.
> the typographic 1st DJ.
> If any of you have the later pictorial DJ - let us know it has the same
> DJ image as this 1st issue DJ (again - Scot put an image of the DJ
> at www.dogeared.com)
> > Just got back from a short research trip to New York, where I saw a 1928
> > gift box Three Great Renaissance Romances in a crumbling but original
> > slipcase.  The slipcase is covered in colored paper that echos the
> > diamond-shaped pattern of the Keratol bindings.  Labels on the front and
> > back panels of the slipcase are titled THREE GREAT RENAISSANCE ROMANCES
> > list all three volumes.  (The author of THE ROMANCE OF LEOARDO DA VINCI
> > misspelled "Merejkowsky" on the labels.)
> If it is crumbling, that may explain why these boxes are so scarce -
> shoddy materials!
> I recently found a Keratol covered copy of the Romance of Leonardo -
> no DJ unfortunately.  That Keratol stuff is really peculiar!
> John K.
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