1928/29 Pictorial DJs

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Fri Jun 8 10:47:19 EDT 2001

Hi ModLib folks,

A couple of questions about the first ML pictorial
DJs.  I recently found a copy of Wilder's "Cabala"
(first ed, DJ lists 159 titles) with one of the early
pictorial jackets.  I scanned the DJ and sent it to Scot
who put it on the Dogeared WWW site (as the DJ
artwork is signed by "NB"):


Somehow I thought that the only MLs with these
odd DJs were the titles in the gift set - Cellini,
Romance of Leonardo, Michelangelo, etc.  I notice
from looking at Gordon Neavill's article on ML
Gift Box Sets in The Modern Library Collector
(#41) that there were many gift sets - but not sure
if the DJs on gift set MLs were all in these
transitionary pictorial jackets.  I don't see Wilder
as part of any of the sets.

Toledano's guide lists two DJs for Wilder: B and P.
I have seen a later ed. of Wilder in a P dj which is
different from the DJ I have (the graphic may be the
same - but I can't recall).  Was there also a B DJ for
Wilder?  If so, was the Wilder title available in both
B and early P DJs when issued, then a 2nd P DJ issued
in the 30s?  Which DJ is correct for the 1st?  Curious
if anyone out there has a B DJ with 159 titles on a
Wilder 1st.  That would mean two different but correct
first DJ types - which would be peculiar!

Finally - how many MLs not in gift sets were issued
in these transitionary pictorial DJs?

John K.

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