Newbies: Be careful on eBay!!!!!

dmenkin119 at dmenkin119 at
Fri Jun 1 22:40:59 EDT 2001

Hi Scot,  I haven't contacted you in quite a while.  I just found severl 
books listed on EBAY, and I do not know how to bid or heed your warning.  If 
it is possible, I would be glad to compensate you for trying to buy these 
books for me.

The most wanted is #1434070093 Modern Library Sudermann Song of Songs bid 
 End june-02-01 21:29:31 PDT  Book #162  Type 8 binding ,type g dust jacket
       My limit $21.oo
The other two should both be Balloon Clothe, Flexabille Bindings
TWELVE MEN , 1ST ED FLEX COVER  iTEM #1434987777  bID $4.99 DUE 6-06-01
Dresier, Theodore   My limit $ 15.00

#105 Ancient Man,  Van Loon Item #1435436550 Bid $9.95 flex cover   My limit 

If you can not do anything about this, I will understand.  You were so 
helpful last time I needed you help, I felt I would ask for help again
Best regards    Dave Menkin

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