Please check dogeared for me

Benjamin Hish,Bookseller oopbooks at
Tue Jul 17 16:24:25 EDT 2001

"Damn" "intellectuals" and capitalized no less
Made my day!    Thanks Scott
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> In a recent e-mail, oopbooks at said (in part):
> >(check spelling of the word "experience",I know this is
> >probably a moot and minor point at this point).
> Oh, well, if you insist on my using the PREFERRED spelling... [::Hrumph.
> Damn intellectuals.::]
> >        By the way,should the DJ for "The Arabian Nights" trans.Richard
> >Burton be with the "B"s on the DJ project page?If you need the scan let
> >know.
> Well, I was wrestling with that one. I was going to hold off and put it
> in MISC, but it wouldn't hurt for it to go in both places.  I'll add it
> later today.
> Thanks checking, for the spelling correction, and the Burton idea.
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