Please check dogeared for me

Benjamin Hish,Bookseller oopbooks at
Tue Jul 17 15:09:54 EDT 2001

Scott ~
        Yes Scott,there is a "New Location" area on the dogeared page;
between the sentence "Direct questions, ideas,..." and the section titled
"General Interest".(check spelling of the word "experience",I know this is
probably a moot and minor point at this point).
        By the way,should the DJ for "The Arabian Nights" trans.Richard
Burton be with the "B"s on the DJ project page?If you need the scan let me
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> Folks,
> I'm in the process of moving Dogeared to a new host. I'm having trouble
> doing it.
> Please go to the dogeared home page and let me know if you see an
> announcement near the top of the page saying NEW LOCATION
> The address is
> Thanks much,
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