Aiken Poetry MLs (ML127 and 101)

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Hello ModLib peoples,

I have some questions about the Conrad Aiken edited MLs, which are
confusing because of the mismatch between the DJ and book titles.

As far as I can figure out there were two related Aiken edited MLs
in the late 30s and early 40s (info from Henry's Guide):

101.2: 'American Poetry 1671-1928' (on book) or 'A Comprehensive
Anthology of American Poetry' (on DJ).  I have a copy of this book,
binding #7, 236 titles, with a D cover (it has some curly design
elements; an oval w/text, etc.  The Guide says only B for a DJ).

127.1 'Modern American Poets" (1927-39) retitled as 127.2 'Modern
American Poetry' (1940-44).

I just found a copy of the Blumenthal (Toledano #8) binding of
Modern American Poetry (#127.2 w/271 titles on the DJ).

I noticed that Toledano's Guide is missing some information on
this title: The DJ (noted as ? in the Guide) is text (T) and I am
assuming that the 1st issue DJ is 271.  (Scot, if he can pause from
furiously scanning DJs, can add this info to the Guide updates
page at

I was looking at my copy of 101.2 (the binding #7, from 1936 given
236 titles on the DJ) and noticed that the DJ cover says:

"A companion volume is "Modern American Poetry" Volume #127
in the Modern Library.

Now Henry's Guide says that the "Modern American Poetry" title
was not used until 1940, that prior to 1940 the title was "Modern
American Poets."  But the 1936 DJ of 101.2 seems to suggest

So what is up?  Was my 1940 Blumenthal the real first issue of 127.2
"Modern American Poetry" or was it earlier?  This may all be due
to the mismatch between DJs and the books, but I am curious if there
is a flex covered ML entitled "Modern American Poetry" (thus I don't
have a 1st issue of 127.2).

John K.

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