DJ Project: What to do with "Misc."?

Scot Kamins kamins at
Fri Jul 13 17:12:01 EDT 2001


I'm about to start the K's, which means that before long the M's will be 
upon us -- and that brings up the dreaded mid-alphabet "Misc." category. 

As you know, these are the Toledano listings of anthologies of mixed 
authorship. And there are MANY of them! The question in cataloging them 
in the database is what serves the collector best? 

My current thinking is this:
(1) There's an "M" category by author. None of the Misc. books go here.
(2) There's a separate category "Misc." All the Misc's go here, 
alphabetic by title.
(3) And this possibility: Misc's also have entries in the alphabetic 
listings by editor.

Thus "Famous Ghost Stories" is listed on the Misc. page under "F" as well 
on the "C" page under "Cerf" (the editor). But the link on the "C" page 
doesn't go to a page dedicated to the works edited by Cerf - there 
wouldn't be any pages dedicated to individual editors; rather, the link 
goes to the Misc. page.

This, of course, is more work; not only do I need to add extra references 
throughout the database, but I need to construct added links by hand 
because the editor links go across servers as well as files.  (When you 
click links, you sometimes go to different computers in Ohio, Washington, 
and - I think - Arizona.)

The question is, is it necessary to cross-index by editor, or is the 
alphabetic-by-title listing in the Misc. category enough?

Scot Kamins
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