Worst ML Sellers (was Re: Early Blumenthal Bindings)

Gordon Neavill aa3401 at wayne.edu
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I don't have actual sales figures for these titles, but if I recall
correctly HEAR, YE SONS set the record for the shortest tenure in the
series.  I discussed worst selling titles a couple (?) of years ago in MLC.


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> Gordon Neavill wrote:
> > Hear, Ye Sons was a total failure in the series and was
> > never reprinted.
> If I recall, Gordon Neavill had a few tables of the top selling
> MLs for a few select years in his dissertation on the Modern
> Library.
> Gordon: did you ever compile a list of the worst ML sellers
> of all time?  It would be great to know if there was an all time
> worst seller, if Fineman did worse than Lewishon's "Island
> Within" or Chaucer's "Troilus and Cressida" or Jackson's
> "Lost Weekend" or any of the other single printing MLs.
> I assume this would depend on copies sold prior to
> remaindering (if that is what ML did with poorly selling
> titles).
> My Fineman DJ has the price crossed out, then a stamp
> saying "Sale .39 cents" then that is crossed out and replaced
> with "Sale .19 cents."
> Mr. Fineman must have felt terrible!
> John K.
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