Worst ML Sellers (was Re: Early Blumenthal Bindings)

John Krygier jbkrygie at cc.owu.edu
Mon Jul 9 14:08:37 EDT 2001

Gordon Neavill wrote:

> Hear, Ye Sons was a total failure in the series and was
> never reprinted.

If I recall, Gordon Neavill had a few tables of the top selling
MLs for a few select years in his dissertation on the Modern

Gordon: did you ever compile a list of the worst ML sellers
of all time?  It would be great to know if there was an all time
worst seller, if Fineman did worse than Lewishon's "Island
Within" or Chaucer's "Troilus and Cressida" or Jackson's
"Lost Weekend" or any of the other single printing MLs.
I assume this would depend on copies sold prior to
remaindering (if that is what ML did with poorly selling

My Fineman DJ has the price crossed out, then a stamp
saying "Sale .39 cents" then that is crossed out and replaced
with "Sale .19 cents."

Mr. Fineman must have felt terrible!

John K.

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