Early Blumenthal Bindings

John Krygier jbkrygie at cc.owu.edu
Thu Jul 5 10:21:24 EDT 2001

Hi ModLib folks,

I recently found a 1st edition of Fielding's "Joseph Andrews."
It has blank endpapers and the text is obviously formatted for the
earlier smaller format MLs (it has really wide margins, and the
text is very close to the binding).  Also (and this thanks to earlier
discussion on this listserv) I noticed that the title page has a double
ruled box around the title/author etc. (like earlier MLs but unlike
later Blumenthal MLs).

I think someone (Sharon Biederman?) told me there were several
1939/40 era MLs with these characteristics - they were the first
titles issued in this larger format.  I have a copy of Fineman's
"Hear Ye Sons" with the same characteristics - but I can't recall
if there were others.

I am assuming the folks at Random House knew they were
changing formats a year or two in advance - so why would they
format 1939/40 era 1st eds for the old format?

Also: did ML reformat the second printing of "Joseph Andrews"
(text which fits on the larger pages), remove the double ruled box
on title page, use printed endpapers)?

I have no doubt that it took quite a while to reformat all of the
pre-Blumenthal MLs into the new, larger format.  Curious how
long it took to reformat all - or what ML titles retained earlier,
smaller formatting the longest.

John K.

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