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<< I forgot to enter "R" but it stands for reprint. In other places you will 
RML. >>

Wow, I can hardly believe how ignorant I turned out to be! After all those 
years in college.

How could I have failed to extrapolate the "R" from "RML?" Maybe because in 
the key to symbols I first found "R" in "RH" which is identified as "RANDOM 
HOUSE" and I thereby developed the theory that R meant "Random" so carring my 
stupidity to its logical conclusion (or so I thought) I came up with "R90" 
meaning random 90 or possibly radial 90 which is a registered trademark of 
Firestone Tire Co.

Anyway, forgetting to include the letter "R" in the key is no big deal and 
look at how many Henry actually remembered to include! A LOT!

I hope all of you outside the great state of Michigan have an enormously 
profitable and healthy 2002! And a special wish for Mr. Andes and Henry 
Toledano who actually saw their work through to fruition and while both books 
have minor problems, at least they made it past the bullshit stage.
sam g.

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