Thanks for all the camera help

SGottlieb at SGottlieb at
Mon Dec 24 20:59:42 EST 2001

in your latest guide, looking at the entry for GOODBYE COLUMBUS by Roth, the 
"comments" column indicates "R90"

I cannot even find an "R" in the key to symbols so can you please help out a 
guy who admits an occasional lapse in his ability to decipher some of your 
rather obfuscatory  notations. 

Henry, not all of your readers are college professors. In fact, some may even 
be lacking any college degrees. For myself and any other simpletons, I beg 
your indulgence.

Naturally I prefer to hear directly from the horse's mouth but I'd be happy 
to hear from anyone perspicacious enough to unravel the "R90" mystery...
sam g.

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