Recommendations for an inexpensive digital camera for book shots?

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Fri Dec 21 11:45:09 EST 2001

There are FOUR main things you need know about digital cameras:
1. RESOLUTION. You can always reduce resolution, but cannot increase it.
2. OPTICAL ZOOM. This enables to take long and short shots. Forget Digital 
Zoom, it is not much use.
3. BATTERIES. Digital cameras eat up power, so that you want batteries that 
are cheap to replace or anyway rechargeable.
4. STORAGE. You want a camera where memory can be added  with a card. Memory 
is expensive, but you can start with just one 16 MG card
The higher the resolution, optical zoom and card memory (supplied with 
camera) the more expensive it will be. You will need some optical zoom for 
photographing books. 2 to 3 should be adequate.

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