Recommendations for an inexpensive digital camera for book shots?

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Thu Dec 20 22:12:59 EST 2001

Scot Kamins wrote:

> I figure that an inexpensive digital camera (dough is VERY short at the
> moment) with a USB interface is the answer.  Beyond that, the only
> ferature I know that I need is something that will take a clear enough
> picture of a page so that the text is readable. But I know so little

There are so many digital camera options I don't
blame you for being confused.  I got a Sony 3.3
megapixel with a Zeiss lens after a colleague (Art
faculty) recommended it - and it takes spectacular
photographs.  This model is probably more than
you need, but the Art guy told me to get a digital
camera with as good of a lens as possible - that
is the major factor in the quality of the image.
Two cameras with the same digital guts but different
lenses can take very different quality images.

If you are doing close up work you will need a
zoom (or macro) lens.  Mine is 6x zoom which
looks like more than you would need for getting
readable text.

Given your particular (peculiar?) needs, and the
plethora of digital camera options, I would
recommend taking a book or two to a good camera
shop and tell them what you need to do and your
price range and actually try out some different
cameras.  A good camera shop should be able to
demo the camera and copy the images onto a
computer disk which you can take home and look
at in Photoshop or whatever software you use.
Compare a real cheapie to various more expensive
cameras.  There are benefits to non-virtual shopping.


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