Recommendations for an inexpensive digital camera for book shots?

Scot Kamins kamins at
Thu Dec 20 21:05:12 EST 2001


I often want to take pictures of the inside of books or the inverse of 
dust jackets to put on Dogeared. But I don't want to subject the book 
to the potential harsh environment of a scanner (crushing top, need to 
flatten thiings, and so on). 

I figure that an inexpensive digital camera (dough is VERY short at the 
moment) with a USB interface is the answer.  Beyond that, the only 
ferature I know that I need is something that will take a clear enough 
picture of a page so that the text is readable. But I know so little 
about cameras/optics that I only just found out that the close-up feature 
is called a macro!

I'd search this out on the Web, but my knowledge of the area is so 
nonexistent that I don't know where to begin (beyond posting this plea to 
the rec.collecting.books newsgroup and to here).

Tips? Recommendations? Help?

Scot Kamins
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