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SGottlieb at aol.com wrote:

> In order to push the conversation along, I will herewith make the
> announcement that later today I will post for auction on eBAY a SUPERIOR 1st
> ML edition of Dinesen's SEVEN GOTHIC TALES. This is a title which cannot be
> considered as "hard to find" but finding a first with an unfaded spine is
> quite a different story.

One way to enhance 'books for sale' or 'books up for
auction' postings on ModLib is to add some extra info
about the book in the postings here (as someone has
noted in a previous posting).  Commerce with
content, so to speak.  This would take care of any of
my concerns with commercial postings on a University
sponsored Listserv.  It would also be in the spirit of

What is really cool (at least to me) about the 1st edition
of Dinesen's "Seven Gothic Tales" is that it is one of
the odd-ball bindings from 1939 when, I assume, the
transformation  from flex/balloon cloth to hardcover
was underway.

"Seven Gothic Tales" and, I think, Stone's "Lust for
Life" are flex/balloon (#7) bindings, but are the larger size
of the later hardcover Blumenthal (#8) bindings.  The
endpapers are blank, even though "Endpapers designed
by Rockwell Kent" is noted on the reverse of the title page.
This must have been Kent's minimalist period.

As far as I know, only the 1st editions of these two
books are in this peculiar binding.  Even those of us
who don't necessarily collect 1st ML eds may
want 1sts of Dinesen and Stone because they are so
different than the later editions.

Maybe Sam is being modest, but I would assume it is not
that easy to find any copies of "Seven Gothic Tales" in a
DJ, much less in an excellent DJ (but I am speaking from
the standpoint of a finding such a title in a used bookstore,
or on eBay - maybe the ML dealers have a big stock of them).

I actually just got a copy of this title w/DJ (the first I ever
saw with or without a DJ).  It is a really interesting ML

John K.

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