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> When Scot and I started ModLib we hoped to avoid having
> the list turn into a site primarily used for
> advertising books for sale.  My concern was mainly to
> avoid too much advertising on a University sponsored
> Listserv.  Scot, who has more experience with these
> lists, felt that the list could become swamped with
> books for sale postings.  One more objection: if ModLib
> generates more messages due to 'books for sale'
> postings, some list members may get annoyed. I am
> working on making a daily digest available (you could
> get one list email a day with all the days postings)
> which would probably solve this problem.  There are
> plenty of places to sell MLs, so ModLib shouldn't
> get taken over by such postings.
> On the other hand: I would certainly like to see what
> people have for sale or trade, particularly less common
> MLs and ones that are not listed on eBay or ABEBooks
> or other easy to search sources.  I think the university
> might be concerned if ModLib became a listserv jammed
> with postings from book sellers, but I don't really think
> we would get that much advertising (lets hope Alibris
> doesn't find us).
> As Scot noted, the list is supposed to be what the
> people subscribed want it to be.
> I propose that you all continue to post concerns or
> opinions to the list (or to me) regarding this issue.
> I assume most people would be in favor of postings
> about 'books for sale,' or 'books wanted,' or 'books
> for trade.' within limits.
> So, I also propose that the people interested in
> selling or trading books cobble together some basic
> rules (like those suggested by Dave Menkin) which we
> can add to the listserv info at Scot's WWW site.
> Indeed, those of you with books for sale may want to
> do a test 'ML for sale' posting to the list, and we can all
> see what you think  is an appropriate 'ML for sale' posting.
> How does that sound?
> John K. >>

Hey I got an idea.  Maybe (for ebay users) just tack the link to your
auctions list into your sig?  That way you could just unobtrusively
announce rather than a big splashy LOOK WHUT I'm SELLIN'!
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