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Wed Dec 12 23:02:39 EST 2001

In a recent e-mail, dmenkin119 at aol.com said (in part):

>I think the idea of listing MLBs wanted to buy or trade or for sale, should 
>be looked upon as an oportunity to help fellow collectors find books they 
>want for their collections and not as a way to unload your excess 
>To keep it under control, let's put a limit of items one person can list. I 
>am in favor of a trial period!

I like the idea of adding "Want To Buy" (WTB:) and "Want To Trade" (WTT:) 
to the trial period I suggested in an earlier e-mail in this thread. In 
keeping with the spirit of that e-mail I suggest the following:

1) Begin messages with "WTT:" or "WTB:" (without the quotation marks) for 
respectively Want To Trade and Want To Buy.

2) Such messages should be limited to six titles (an arbitrary number to 
be sure).

3) Each listing should include a complete description using details 
rather than just "VG/VG" ratings. (See any listing on eBay by Sam, 
Sharon, or Amy for excellent examples of how to describe a book and its 

4) All items should be able to be returned.

I also suggest that items (3) and (4) be added to the specs I listed in 
the earlier e-mail regarding "For Sale" items, and (4) be added to the 
specs for "For Auction" items. (For Auction items need not be described 
in detail, since a complete description presumedly would be offered at 
the auction site.) 

I have no opinion on limiting the number of FS: or FA: items, since I've 
already suggested that only SCARCE items be listed. I would hope that 
this would in itself discourage the idea of inventory-dumping, since 
scarce items by their very nature should be highly sought after. (And how 
did that pesky preposition end up at the end of that last phase?)

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