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Wed Dec 12 18:08:58 EST 2001


In the interest of keeping order and timeliness, I propose the following:

1) The discussion of whether or not to allow selling should continue 
through Sunday. This will give folks who check e-mail infrequently time 
to respond. 

2) Assuming there is no groundswell for the immediate decapitation of the 
Philistine Gottlieb, a trial period for ads begins starting Monday and 
terminates on 1/15/02. A discussion lasting one week would then be held 
to evaluate the program.

3) Ads would be limited to scarce material. This would include great 
rarities as well as common but pristine firsts such as the one Sam 
described, and would also be extended to such ephemera as matchbooks and 
ML promotional material such as Sharon's bookcase.

4) NOTHING not DIRECTLY related to the Modern Library would be allowed.

5) So that folks who have no interest in such things can filter 
advertisements, For Sale items should begin with "FS:" and For Auction 
items should begin with "FA:" (no quotation marks).

6) Since John Krygier is the host, he has final word. (People who 
disagree with the final decision can always start their own mailing list 
through Yahoo or some other service.)


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