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Wed Dec 12 13:42:21 EST 2001

Scot and John,

   Generally I would prefer to see discussion about the Modern
Library series rather than commercial activity on this list.  There are
many other venues to sell books.  However, calling attention to an item
already for sale on ebay or elsewhere seems reasonable and well
within the list guidelines.  If comment and criticism (such as questioning
whether an item is really a first) of ongoing ebay items is already 
allowed, it should certainly be permissable for the seller to
provide extra description or explanation of his/her own items. 

    On the other hand, I'm not comfortable with selling directly to 
the ModLib list.  Many of us know one another pretty well and, as
Sam has pointed out, we may also have a sense of who needs what.  
It is clear that some collectors spend many hours a day on the computer
and the same person(s) would be likely to always see an item first.  Those
who check once a day or every few days would be disadvantaged.  Similarly,
if I list a B&L in jacket at 7:00 am my time, there is virtually no
chance that it will still be available by the time Scot wakes up on the
West Coast.  My assumption is that dealers who wish to sell privately  
are already doing so; whereas those who wish to offer an item for auction
or with a fixed-price listing are already doing that too.  I do not 
see where this forum would generate exclusive listings.

    One function the list could serve is to provide an opportunity for
collectors to mention unusual wants such as buckram editions or ML
ephemera.  If I come across a first in dust jacket of Little Women, I
certainly know what to do with it, but I have no idea how to market my ML
bookcase or who would want one.
 On Wed, 12 Dec 2001 SGottlieb at wrote:

> I think it is correct that the more common material could become a drag but 
> the problem is that a set of inflexible rules (such as, only B&L in jackets) 
> will be sure to exclude items which may be of interest to other listmembers. 
> The ultimate arbiter of "what is worth posting" must consider many 
> factors--for example, certain relatively common titles are almost impossible 
> to find in FINE/FINE condition so would a F/F copy be acceptable as a sale 
> item?
> I would hope that the members would not want to waste time offering mundane 
> items which simply will attract neither interest nor buyers. Unless I badly 
> miss my guess, we all pretty much know what is being sought by other members, 
> yet every so often I have a "lot" of MLs for sale (say 100 books) at a lot 
> price which may be of interest to certain members who are dealers needing 
> stock.
> In order to push the conversation along, I will herewith make the 
> announcement that later today I will post for auction on eBAY a SUPERIOR 1st 
> ML edition of Dinesen's SEVEN GOTHIC TALES. This is a title which cannot be 
> considered as "hard to find" but finding a first with an unfaded spine is 
> quite a different story.
> At the same time, I wonder aloud here which listmembers, if any, will pay 
> premium prices for superior copies of otherwise obtainable titles. In other 
> words, how many collectors are interested in developing an OUTSTANDING 
> collection of these books? How many people upgrade their collections etc.
> sam in arizona

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