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When Scot and I started ModLib we hoped to avoid having
the list turn into a site primarily used for
advertising books for sale.  My concern was mainly to
avoid too much advertising on a University sponsored
Listserv.  Scot, who has more experience with these
lists, felt that the list could become swamped with
books for sale postings.  One more objection: if ModLib
generates more messages due to 'books for sale'
postings, some list members may get annoyed. I am
working on making a daily digest available (you could
get one list email a day with all the days postings)
which would probably solve this problem.  There are
plenty of places to sell MLs, so ModLib shouldn't
get taken over by such postings.

On the other hand: I would certainly like to see what
people have for sale or trade, particularly less common
MLs and ones that are not listed on eBay or ABEBooks
or other easy to search sources.  I think the university
might be concerned if ModLib became a listserv jammed
with postings from book sellers, but I don't really think
we would get that much advertising (lets hope Alibris
doesn't find us).

As Scot noted, the list is supposed to be what the
people subscribed want it to be.

I propose that you all continue to post concerns or
opinions to the list (or to me) regarding this issue.
I assume most people would be in favor of postings
about 'books for sale,' or 'books wanted,' or 'books
for trade.' within limits.

So, I also propose that the people interested in
selling or trading books cobble together some basic
rules (like those suggested by Dave Menkin) which we
can add to the listserv info at Scot's WWW site.

Indeed, those of you with books for sale may want to
do a test 'ML for sale' posting to the list, and we can all
see what you think  is an appropriate 'ML for sale' posting.

How does that sound?

John K. >>

I think it is correct that the more common material could become a drag but 
the problem is that a set of inflexible rules (such as, only B&L in jackets) 
will be sure to exclude items which may be of interest to other listmembers. 
The ultimate arbiter of "what is worth posting" must consider many 
factors--for example, certain relatively common titles are almost impossible 
to find in FINE/FINE condition so would a F/F copy be acceptable as a sale 

I would hope that the members would not want to waste time offering mundane 
items which simply will attract neither interest nor buyers. Unless I badly 
miss my guess, we all pretty much know what is being sought by other members, 
yet every so often I have a "lot" of MLs for sale (say 100 books) at a lot 
price which may be of interest to certain members who are dealers needing 

In order to push the conversation along, I will herewith make the 
announcement that later today I will post for auction on eBAY a SUPERIOR 1st 
ML edition of Dinesen's SEVEN GOTHIC TALES. This is a title which cannot be 
considered as "hard to find" but finding a first with an unfaded spine is 
quite a different story.

At the same time, I wonder aloud here which listmembers, if any, will pay 
premium prices for superior copies of otherwise obtainable titles. In other 
words, how many collectors are interested in developing an OUTSTANDING 
collection of these books? How many people upgrade their collections etc.
sam in arizona

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