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In a recent e-mail, SGottlieb at wrote (in part):
>> SCOT,
>> I'm sure you told me that advertising Modern Library Books for sale or 
>> on this list is prohibidad.

Actually, I don't remember saying that (although I may have). The info at 
dogeared says this:

"What's out-of-bounds? 

"Posting an advertisement for your own For Auction (eBay) items since 
that information is easy to obtain by searching Modern Library online -- 
but you can discuss how high an existing item may go, or whether the 
description seems accurate.

"Posting For Sale ads except:
Pre-1939 jacketed first editions or scarce jacketed later editions such 
as Maltese Falcon
Illustrateds in mylar or boxes
Scarce post-1939 jacketed editions such as Little Women or binding 

"These topics and restrictions will grow and change depending on the 
wishes of the membership."
In a follow-up e-mail, chally at said (in part):

>  This comes up
>now and again and I never hear an adequate response to it.  

Actually, I don't think it's come up at all - if it has, it was just 
once. MAybe you're confusing this list with one of the newsgroups such as 

>It seems
>many of the members (Good people all!) seem to have an egalitarian
>streak which leads them to think such notices are shabby.  

I don't know wher you get that idea. The reason we set up thse rules 
("we" being Jon Krygier and I) was that mailing lists tend to get 
over-run with for sale notices, and keeping "for sale" material to the 
scarcer stuff seems the wat to go. Common stuff is easy enough to find 

As to eBay stuff, as we wrote on the info page at dogeared, people who 
use eBay can easily find ALL ML material that's up for auction by 
searching "Modern Library" amd checking the box that says to check 
content as well as title.

But as it says on the Info page at dogeared: "These topics and 
restrictions will grow and change depending on the wishes of the 

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