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Tue Dec 11 17:46:11 EST 2001

SGottlieb at wrote:
> I'm sure you told me that advertising Modern Library Books for sale or wanted
> on this list is prohibidad.
> My questions are:
> Why? We are not exactly being inundated with either good information or ML
> news. I, for one, would welcome an opportunity to be offered MLs before they
> are listed on a data base.
> What about announcements that certain MLs have been put up for auction on
> eBay or other similar websites?
> I am a member of another bibliophile bulletin board on which members are
> allowed to post a LIMILTED number of For Sale or Wanted notices...
> Best,
> sam

	Hi.  Charlie here.  I'm a long time on and off lurker.  This comes up
now and again and I never hear an adequate response to it.  It seems
many of the members (Good people all!) seem to have an egalitarian
streak which leads them to think such notices are shabby.  If you're
selling them on eBay chances are good we want to know about it.  Over
in the mystery newsgroup they don't seem to mind as long it keeps to a
minimum (a link to your "all auctions from this seller" instead of
each individual posting.  )  -but I ain't the sheriff of this town, so
what I say certainly doesn't go.  Just an opinion.
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