Other "Alice Class" Titles

Gordon Neavill aa3401 at wayne.edu
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Well, they weren't side by side.  More like ten feet apart.  But it's true I
got two Illustrated Bibles the same day, and both in slipcases.  One of them
turned out to be imperfect with one of the gatherings omitted.  I'm still
looking for a copy of the second printing, though I did examine UCLA's for
the bibliography.


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> Yes,I found it rather hard to believe.
> Barry found two Illustrated Bibles side-by-side,right Barry?
> How this comes about is-
> Say,a course on Fitzgerald is given at The University of California. At
> the end of the school year all the students bring in books for cashthen
> I go to the store and purchase all the "Great Gatsby's"...dream on.
> By the way,My Mr. Stevenson has no coat not evan a jacket. Well some
> collector out there make him cozy for this winter?

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