The Good Old Days

Toby G Levy tobylevy at
Tue Dec 4 11:09:34 EST 2001

J B Krygier wrote:
> It would be great to know more about what ML collecting was
> like back before MLs were really collectable.  Stacks of flex
> MLs w/DJs for a dime each?

I don't go that far back, but I can tell you of a couple of adventures:

Back when I was first starting to collect the Modern Library, around
1979, I visited a librraian friend in New Hampshire who took me to a book
store that was cramed with flex MLs with prices ranging from fifty cents
to a couple of bucks.  I think I filled two grocery bags full of MLs.

A few years later I took my family with me on a business trip to Northern
Maine.  We travelled down the coast on our way home and stopped in one
town (I think it was Wells) and made the rounds of what was at least a
half a dozen book stores in a very small area.  I remember running out of
money before we ran out of bookstores!  Every store had a large
assortment of Modern Libraries and they were all less than five bucks

Those were the days.

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