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> I very much doubt that we have less"Little  Women" then "Alice",unless
> of course you are writing about 2nd printings of "Little  Women."
> Everyone I know has a First Edition of"Little Women" but not of
> "Alice.".

I know that more "Little Women" were made than "Illustrated
Alice" ... but I based my statement on the number of Illustrated
Alices (four or five, I think) that have shown up on eBay in the
last year  or so vs. the number of "Little Women" (one, I think).

I know eBay is not the only source of MLs, but it does seem to
serve as a primary means of getting the scarcer MLs. As a newer
ML  collector, I had many more chances to get an Alice than a
'Little Women' in the last year or so.

There is certainly an interesting difference in the perception of
ML scarcity between the long time collectors and the newer
collectors (both types are in this group).  I have been told that
not that long ago MLs that are now going for hundreds of
dollars were cheap and easy to find.  One old book dealer
told me about how he used to throw MLs away back in the
1940s (so these were mostly pre-hardcover MLs) as he could
not sell them and didn't have room for them!  I am assuming
that titles we new collectors see as scarce are often percieved
as quite common by the long time collectors.  What the long
time collectors see as scarce, the new collectors see as

It would be great to know more about what ML collecting was
like back before MLs were really collectable.  Stacks of flex
MLs w/DJs for a dime each?

This also raises the question of what ML collecting will be
like in the future.  Will ML collectors in 50 years be bidding
hundreds of dollars for 1960s ML editions of Hardy or Adams
or Faulkner (or any of the other MLs which are now easy to
find and cheap)?  Maybe I should be stocking up on these


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